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Dear Passionate Men & Women, Singles & Couples…

Too many relationships still end in heartbreak… Too many nice guys still “finish last” or end up in the friend or roommate zone… Too many successful woman can’t find and keep a great man…

Couples… Does this sound like your relationship?

✔ Men, you can’t seem to make her happy, no matter what you do… and, women, you never seem to get enough intimacy, attention, or affection.

✔ Women, he doesn’t seem to “get” you. The support, the intimacy, the depth, the affection always leaves you wanting more.

There’s never enough time for love, between the job, the kids, the bills, the house… you’re exhausted and stressed, and the last thing you have the time or energy for is real connecting.

✔ Your expressions of love feel misunderstood… actually, you feel clueless and annoyed that your partner doesn’t “get” you.

One of you is more motivated to change and make things better, but hard as you try, your partner isn’t interested or even resists.

✔ You fall asleep lonely, even though there’s another body next to you… wishing you were cuddling and connecting… or frustrated that, once again, there’s no passion.

You’ve lost your confidence in love and wonder if “happily ever after” is even possible.

Singles… Does this sound like your love life?

✔ Men, you can’t seem to make women happy, no matter what you do… and, women, you never seem to get enough intimacy, attention, or affection.

Women, you wonder “Where are all the great men?” and hunger for a man who will truly meet you?

You feel as if you’re wasting your time dating people who really aren’t right for you.

 You’d rather be alone than suffer yet another heartbreak.

✔ You’re tired of watching the chemistry fizzle and the love fade… and ending up in the friend zone.

 Your bed has an empty spot in it, and you fall asleep lonely… wishing you were cuddling or making passionate love.

 You’re spending another weekend night alone, wondering why you can’t get a date.

You’ve lost your confidence in love and wonder if “happily ever after” is even possible. 

Here’s the Thing… Whether You’re Married or Single and Looking or Somewhere in Between… You’ve Got Two Major Problems.


First:  The Ugly Truth about Your “Romantic Programming”…

young man at balcony in depression suffering emotional crisisIf any of the scenarios above apply to you, then you’re not alone… and it’s not your fault.

In fact, men and women have been programmed to create screwed-up love lives… We have “relationship mindsets” full of false beliefs and faulty relationship blueprints that make for lousy foundations…

Put all that together and that’s why so many give up on love…because it’s easier to stay alone or just be friends and roommates.

Thanks to popular media and culture, the last 50 years have been completely confusing and PAINFUL when it comes to love and relationships.

Men in our culture have been told to be sensitive, soft, and emotional.

Yes those are great qualities in a man, as long as they NEVER replace his presence, potency, and purpose.

Simultaneously, women learned to be strong, powerful, and never show vulnerability or weakness.

Again, these are fantastic qualities, but they leave many women exhausted, lonely, and longing…wondering, “What happened to all the great men?

The truth is, we haven’t been taught how to design and create conscious and enlightened relationships. That’s why we’ve all tried and failed so many times.  That’s why we start settling for less than what we really want love to be.


Second:  No One Offered you a Degree in Romance… Not Even a Class!

There’s a relationship curriculum you never got.   You had the textbooks, lectures, and exams for how cells multiply and how to do algebra… and on WWII history… but there are no degrees in relating… not even a class.

Here’s a bit of reality…

african university graduate holding red heartMen and women want to know how to attract and enjoy hot and happy love, but the problem isn’t so much the love but the relating that goes with it…

What do you do if the spark is fizzling instead of sizzling?  What do you do if you’re single and you keep attracting the ones you aren’t attracted to…or the ones you want are never attracted to you?

How do you handle the inevitable feelings of being rejected, unsupported, or even abandoned while dating – or in a relationship?

What do you do when your needs or desires conflict?  (This sounds like a problem only for people in relationship, but it’s also a dating problem, since it can happen on the first date…)

What do you do when your values and visions conflict… on the first date (especially when the chemistry is running high) or worse yet, after years of marriage?

The success of any date, any relationship, any marriage depends wholly on how YOU are showing up and how YOU are relating to the other person.

Couples have typically been relating for a long time… the question is how well?

Singles… relating starts the minute you first read the profile, the moment you catch a glimpse of them across the room…

Single or partnered, it doesn’t matter…I know you’re doing your darndest to have love work… to be happy and in love.

It’s truly sad.  It’s not until we’ve struggled or even failed at love … that we wonder why it’s so hard.   Then we wonder whether it’s worth it… and consider giving up…

Don’t give up… you just need a little education. 

The good news?

If You’re Here, You’re Ready…  Your Entire Love Life is About to Change

Now, before you trust me on that, who am I to be telling you any of this stuff?


I Used to Make HUGE Mistakes in Love… (And I Came Out the Other Side with THE SYSTEM)…

Prince charming calligraphic inscription on a white background20 years ago, my 4 year marriage to “Prince Charming” ended in divorce and after that I went through relationship after relationship after relationship. They were all good in some ways, they just never had the deep love and passion I craved…

I often asked, “Where are all the strong men?” 

On the most frustrating days, I asked, “Why do I keep meeting all the sexually repressed men?

Years later, I finally got it.

It was never them.  It was me. 

Here’s the Real Truth…


Independence Builds Barriers & Equality Kills Passion

I realized the very same thing that was the source of my strength, power, independence, and success was also destroying my relationships. 

I was climbing the corporate ladder, beating out the boys in the High-Tech and Oil Gas industries

I was tough, smart, and strong.  It made me great friends and colleagues with men, but romantically unattractive…

I thought I was being exactly what men wanted (and, truthfully, what I thought would keep me safe) and it was the exact opposite.  I still didn’t trust men and I repelled the very men that most lit my fire.  Errr!  My so-called “best self” actually pushed the men I desired away.

I was left with lots of tears and lonely nights. 

It happens the same way for men… it just looks different.


Men, She Doesn’t Actually Want the ‘Bad Boy’

I’ll come right out and say it—women don’t want the “bad boy.”

Women want a man who they can trust and rely on, a man who knows who he is

and what he stands for… AND who knows an open heart is an essential part of his strength and character.

(Women are definitely done with emotionally unavailable men.)

So what’s the problem?

Men, in your heart-felt attempts to make a woman happy, you actually pissed her off.  (Stinks, right?)

The problem is… as women stepped into their power and took more “control,” men still wanted to make women happy, so they let them take the “lead,” if you will…  and then their women got pissed off because they had to “do it all!”

This hot-cold, happy-sad, push-pull dynamic drives men crazy and, more importantly, it makes men feel as if they can never get it right.

It’s a no-win setup for failure.

And when men can’t get it right… can’t make her happy… they give up… they check out.. they do their own thing… or they leave.

Breakup.  Heartbreak.

I’ve been there.  I did this to men.  And, I’m sorry.


Women, He Wants to be Your Hero

Ladies, I’ll come right out and say it here, too – men want to be your hero.

Unfortunately, you don’t let them.   You don’t even realize how you’re not letting them. Consequently, you miss out on the attention, affection, and generosity you’re craving and deserve.

If you’re like the millions of professional, successful, active women out there struggling in their love life, you’re probably independent and strong, totally reliable.  And, you’re probably tired… even exhausted.  You might imagine that accepting help or – worse yet – asking for help, makes you somehow weak or needy.

Women… you’ve gotta give men – or your man –  a chance.  There are so many good guys out there (you might even be married to one) – guys that adore you… guys who want to take care of you consciously and in an interdependent way… guys that are working overtime trying to make you happy.  I know that may sound hard to believe, but it’s true…whether you’re dating, married, or somewhere in between…it’s true. (It’s a mindset problem, by the way.)

You’ve become so strong and “do-it-yourself” that you never actually fully let a man in.  You’ve become blind to the gifts men have (your man has) to offer… including showing you the heroes they want to be for you.  It’s time to let down that protective shell, relax, trust again… and receive again…Yes, you!

Women, it’s time for you to learn to receive.  Time for your to let yourself be taken care of by a man.  And, I know that’s much easier said than done.


It’s Tough Out There for Men & Women

Men are confused, frustrated, and lonely…so are many many women..  We want to love each other, and – so often, the exact opposite is what happens!

We’re different, and we pretend we’re not.  John Gray was right.  We speak different languages and you’ve got to learn the dictionary.

Relationships, when we haven’t handled the prerequisites and built a strong, conscious foundation for them, can be doomed to heartbreak.

With a Relationship Mindset full of limiting beliefs, judgments, faulty programming, and bad habits…  and a Relationship Blueprint that’s full of cracks and holes waiting to happen… it’s really hard to design and build a relationship and love that will last.

Without the skills, tools, wisdom, and practices of “Enlightened Lovers”… the wisdom that couples who’ve been happily together for decades know…  relationships struggle and, sometimes… the breakup cycle repeats.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why I created the…


Enlightened Love Academy

An Invitation that Can Change Your Life

I want you to know something straight from my heart.  Whether you learn what you need to know from Geoff & I – as part of our “Enlightened Love Academy” – or from another mentor or program is unimportant to me. We just want you to have the crucial love and relating skills that attract real love and set it up to last… forever.

Whether you’re dating or relating… whether you haven’t been on a date in 10 years… or you’ve been married for decades…  or you’re somewhere in between – what truly matters is how you RELATE.

In the Academy, Geoff and I will teach singles and couples every single “architectural” element necessary to envision, attract, design, Beautiful pairbuild and maintain a hot, happy, and conscious relationship.

All of this, plus much more, is covered in great depth in the Academy – a 4-month “deep dive” into essential education for anyone who wants to be a great partner and be happy in love… and have great passionate sex that stays hot over the years. (And you can tell that inner skeptic that it is absolutely possible!)

We’ll be teaching a select group of powerful, conscious, caring, and committed men and women – both singles and couples – the exact steps you need to be successful at love and sex (from the first date to the 40th year).

So Why Did I, Joanna, Develop the Passionate Lover & Relationship System and Create this Academy for You… and Why Did I Invite Geoff to Co-facilitate with Me.

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love love… how much I love sacred sexuality, and how much I hate to see great powerful women feeling lonely (even in a relationship) while they “miss” the amazing men (man) that so want(s) to care for them.


I hate seeing great men struggle with women – feeling like they can never get it right – like they’ll always end up second best.  It seriously makes my heart ache just writing about it.  I know this pain too well.   And, Geoff and I want to show you how to put a stop to it for yourself

If you’re struggling with dating, relationship, intimacy, or sex… you’re missing out on your full potential to enjoy the bliss and joy of romantic love.  You’re missing out on the power of true partnership in life and love. 

Because this is such a huge pain that affects WAY too many great people… and it’s not physically possible for us to meet 1-on-1 with each and every one of you… and because we’re both totally committed to you having the love you deserve… the love we know you’re capable of…

…We’ve designed this program to serve as many men and women as possible, so you can learn a system for dating, relating, and marriage that works… so you can implement the critical relationship success factors in your life — all within an environment of support, inspiration, safety, and success — AND…at a SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER investment than working with either – or both – of us privately.

Geoff and I Would Like to Invite You to Take This Journey with Us… BUT only:

IF you’re done settling, and instead, are ready to take a stand for having hot, happy, and conscious love…

IF you want a relationship filled with love, passion, and partnership…

IF you feel ready to come into the program with an open mind and a courageous heart…

Then, we can promise you one thing:


Your romantic life will never be the same.  You will never be the same.

And, that will make all the difference in EVERY part of your life.

Here are Just Some of the Amazing Results You Will Experience When You Show Up, Play Powerfully, and Invest Yourself Fully in this One-Of-A-Kind Program


If you are accepted into the Enlightened Love Academy, you will discover how to (re)ignite a happy, healthy, long-lasting romance.  And, here’s exactly what that could look like in your love life…

You stop chasing the illusion of “happily ever after” and you actually attract (even if you’re already in relationship), design, and build a relationship based on mature and authentic love, intimacy, and passion.

You trust again and have the confidence to be the most real and attractive expression of You…

 Men: You show up fully… embodying the power of your masculine nature without sacrificing an open heart. You know who you REALLY are and what you stand for. Your woman, or the women you date (or want to date), will surely take notice… because it’s what a woman’s feminine most craves.

✔ Women: You feel… you are… magnetically attractive and innately beautiful. You feel totally safe having your light turned on bright.  You attract your man again or, as a single woman, you finally attract the kind of man you’ve always hoped to love.

 Men: You’re no longer afraid of or knocked back by a woman’s intensity, power, or emotions. They no longer intimidate you. As a matter of fact, they ignite more of your power. Plus you finally “get” the source of a woman’s wild, free sexual expression and match it.

 Women: You finally see men for their greatness. You’re willing to let a man be your hero… and you feel stronger and more powerful for it.   

 Men: You’re confident and powerful. You know exactly what to do to win (and keep) her heart in a way that inspires her happiness.

 Women: (If you’re single, you’ve found him.) He sees and loves you for who you truly are. You’re getting all the intimacy, attention, and affection you’ve ever wanted. Plus, you won’t need to fall into the trap of trying to change him.

 Men: (If you’re single, you’ve found her.) She’s digging your touch, your words, and even your tongue… and her orgasms show it.

 Women: He’s present, tender, and powerful all at the same time, and your heart won’t stop doing flip-flops.

You are best friends AND passionate lovers...and…you stay madly in love.

You have a truly connected partnership where you share heartfelt moments of joy and know that love can last through the ups and downs of life…forever.

From a Past Grad …

Tony“After the demise of one particularly painful (and illuminating) romantic relationship, I set out to heal and to find my ‘authentic self.’

When Joanna suggested that I join her group, I was resistant, but I knew her reputation as a highly competent, and respected practitioner, so I took a leap of faith, and joined… every time she and our group met on the phone or in person, a fire was ignited in me, which brought me back to my awareness of what I can only describe as my often denied personal power.

I found a level of confidence that I had only projected on other men, an authentic self that supports that confidence and shines out into the world, and (as an added bonus) the ability to be the lover that I have always wanted to be!” ~ Tony

Here’s the Astonishing List of What’s Included in the Academy


During these 90-minute eye-opening training modules held via webinar, you’ll learn every aspect of the Passionate Lover & Relationship System.  Step-by-Step.  In detail.  We’ll do major relationship “mindset” reprogramming and “blueprint” rewriting.  Your trainings will be held via online webinar on every other Thursday evening, beginning September 8th and continuing through December 15th. Each module will happen live at 9 pm ET / 7 pm MT.

Because we want to support you in every way possible, and make sure you get all your burning questions answered, each training module will also include 20 minutes of Q&A at the end of each session.


Your Journey to a Hot, Happy, and Conscious Relationship Starts like This…

Module 1:  Becoming Even More Sexy & Attractive

You’ll get an intro to the overall Passionate Lover and Relationship System. You’ll discover your personal Masculine and Feminine “Gap Map,” and you’ll identify your “sexual essence,” the essential key to the spark and chemistry in any romantic relationship. Oh…and, you’ll learn how to begin turning on your energetic “Tractor Beam,” whether you’re dating or in a relationship.


Module 2: Understanding the Opposite Sex

Here, we’ll dive deeply into the confusing, frustrating, and exciting differences between men and women. We’ll explore the innately different “wiring,” as well as communication and sexual differences. Most importantly, you’ll learn our “needs” differences, and this Men’s-Women’s Needs Model will explain practically every single upset you’ll ever have in relationship – and how you can minimize those upsets.


Module 3: Putting Yourself First

The number one destroyer of relationships is self-abandonment. Although counterintuitive, and some might say selfish, if you want love that lasts, you MUST stop abandoning yourself and start honoring, respecting, and loving you FIRST. You teach others how to treat you, by how you treat you. Here, you’ll learn how to step into your REAL “best self,” so that you’re totally attractive and you’ll always be respected, honored, and cherished by your partner or future partner.


Module 4:  Designing the Foundation for Love

You wouldn’t build a dream house without a design and plans.  Yet, people start relationships all the time without any of that.  Closeness, intimacy, and love are built on a foundation of truth, authenticity, and self-expression.  In this module, you’ll learn the key, mandatory things you have to include in a conscious relationship design, and then how you actually build what you’ve designed.  You’ll learn to eliminate all the ways and reasons you or your partner have ever felt taken advantage of, insignificant, or unimportant while recognizing how to live empowered, supported and connected over the long term.


Module 5:  Creating the Best Environment for Love

Love appears… relationship happens… love grows… but, only in the right environment.  So many men and women “think” they’re ready for love.  They think their lives have space for a partner, then they’re shocked to find out the opposite is true.  As a relationship grows, life happens, kids arrive, and unexpected events surprise you… and love gets squeezed out too often.  In this module, singles will learn exactly what opens the door for a beloved to walk through… while couples will recognize the essential elements of a relationship that thrives.  Plus, you’ll know exactly how to create the right “inner” environment for love to unfold and stay strong in your heart.


Module 6: The Art of Romance and Sexual LovingKiss me

Romance and sexuality are key parts of the “language of love” and the “dance of passion”.  Even if you have no idea what romantic looks like (and many don’t), you’ll discover how to create powerful romantic moments throughout your love life – from the first date, to a night on the town, or a simple Saturday night at home with your beloved.  Plus… having a great sex life – especially after the hormones wear off – takes skill and creativity.  It doesn’t just happen.  And, it’s a real mistake to think that if things are “good”, sex will just work.  We’ll explore exactly how to create year after year of passionate lovemaking… and singles, you’ll learn how to make your first night of intimate loving with a new partner simply extraordinary. (Couples, if you haven’t been making love regularly, this same technique will work for you.)


Module 7: Creating The “Dream Home Warranty Plan” for Maintaining Your Relationship Ongoingly

Once you design and build your Enlightened Relationship, you have to know the key ways to maintain it in such a way that it continuously stays healthy and vital, through decades of life and change.  Plain and simple, we’ll teach you how to do that.


Module 8: Conscious Beginnings & Endings

Here, we’ll share specific practices and exercises that will show you how to have the best, most conscious beginning to a relationship.  And, because there’s no guarantee that your relationship will last forever (though our tools give you THE best shot at it!), we’ll also share about how to consciously end a relationship, if that’s in the highest and best interest for you both…and, how you can do it without having to hate each other.


No, we’re not talking aerobics! After each training module, you’ll watch a short video to explain the exercises you’ll do with other group participants to deepen your wisdom, knowledge, practice, and skill with that week’s topic. Couples, you’ll typically pair with each other to deepen your connection and intimacy. Singles, you’ll typically pair with someone of the opposite sex to gain a much deeper wisdom about how the opposite sex actually operates, to practice with masculine-feminine energy dynamics, as well as to strengthen your confidence and comfort being real with the opposite sex.





As a member of the Academy, you’ll participate in 4 90-minute Laser Coaching & Q&A calls where anyone can ask questions and receive personal 1-1 coaching.  We’ll answer all your burning questions and make sure you stay on track to love and passion. These calls happen on the following Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm MT:  Sept. 15th, Oct. 27th, Nov. 10th, Dec. 8th.


Dive deeper, heal more, and learn more. Every exercise in the Enlightened Lover Workbook moves you closer to you the love, intimacy and passion you desire.  You’ll practice new tools, clear out old baggage, and reveal the most genuine Enlightened Lover in you.



These modules—specifically designed independently for men and women—will guide you through the key strategies, tools, and wisdom you need to fully integrate your masculine or feminine power and attractiveness.

Men… you will find out what your purpose is, what you truly stand for in life so that you have everything you need to stand confidently and powerfully… commanding attention, especially from women. Your woman or the women you date (or want to date) will surely take notice.

Women… you’ll create an absolutely essential Self-Care Plan that keeps you feeling energized, attractive, and happy. You’ll also create your personalized Transition Ritual that moves you out of your masculine (after work, for example) and into your sexy feminine.


Do you have trouble knowing if someone’s actually interested in you?  Do you and your partner still flirt? Do you wonder if you’re missing the “signals”?  Are you courting or being courted?  Ever feel like everyone else knows how to flirt and be flirted with better than you?  This training gives you the straightforward, must-have insights into flirting, courting, and body language which are essential to romantic success – while you’re dating and over the years of marriage.  Yes, married couples… you can and should… flirt with each other.  Learn all this and more in this fun and eye-opening training session.






Get your own personalized guide to being the best you AND getting what you need, want and desire in relationships so that you and your (future) partner know how to stay out of confusion and frustration and live with more love and happiness.


You and other members will become a close community as we share this profound and transformational experience. You’ll connect online with the other conscious men and women, singles and couples, who are part of the Academy. Inspiration, Motivation, Socializing, Opposite Sex Perspectives, and Genuine Support will all be there for you to seize and use to your advantage.

Facilitated and moderated by Geoff and Joanna, you’ll never need to feel alone, and you’ll have the support you need 24/7. Plus, you’ll get bonus articles and inspirations to open your heart to deeper love and your body to true passion.


Each month, we’ll celebrate all the courageous new steps you’ve taken, we’ll acknowledge you for stepping out of your comfort zone, we’ll look at where you might have gotten stuck, and what you’re committed to doing about it… through your Private Monthly Accountability Status Report.  You’ll go to a special page and answer some powerful questions, and when you hit the “submit” button, your answers will come straight to our private inboxes – keeping us abreast of your progress and growth, allowing us to celebrate right along with you!

Plus, if you choose to, you’ll be paired with 2 or 3 others from the Academy, (including at least one person of the opposite sex), to support each other in both celebrating and staying on track.


Not available to the public!  You will have access to a variety of recorded meditations and processes for your use and download.  Each of these is designed to open your heart and set you free to love and be loved.  DIY ANYTIME FOREVER.

Lifetime Recordings





All trainings, Q&A calls, and the entire intensive weekend will be recorded for download to your personal library, so you’ll always have access to reminders, refreshers, and inspiration. If love or your relationship ever gets confusing or challenging, you’ll have immediate assistance to wisdom and support.


Once you complete the Academy, you’ll become part of the ever-growing group of conscious men and women in the “Enlightened Lover” Graduate Community. You’ll join nearly 150 other advanced lovers in a private online community and be invited to online and in-person, grad-only events.  Plus, you’ll have access to “Grad”-only savings on future events.


Get Accepted into the Academy and Enjoy these Awesome Bonuses:

Bonus #1:  *** 3-Day Live In-Person Retreat ***

3-Day Live In-Person “Enlightened Lover” Weekend Retreat for Healthy, Hot, & Happy Relating (PLUS: Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Bonus Session)

Let’s get intimate—join us LIVE and In-Person!


Day 1: Leaving the “Unenlightened” Baggage Behind.

Your “Enlightened Lover” training begins with a full day designed to remove any block or barrier to love and intimacy that might exist within you.  Using powerful training, exercises, and processes, you’ll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, hurts, and judgments that have been limiting you from living authentically as the real you… that have keep walls of protection limiting the flow of love in and out of your heart…  so that you open and become available for the deepest, most committed and intimate love you can have.


Day 2:  Enlightened & Sexy Men & Women

On day two, you’ll get completely clear on living your masculine or feminine sexual essences. You’ll literally practice walking, talking, and standing in your true nature.  And, along the way, you’ll get plenty of great personalized feedback. The women will inspire the men to step into their presence, mojo, passion, and confidence. The men will help the women step into their grace, presence, radiance, and confidence.


Day 3:  Getting Intimate

Finally, on day three, we’ll dive deep into the tools, skills, and practices you need to create deep intimacy—emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy—with a romantic partner.  Plus, you’ll be introduced to the foundations of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality that can take you and a partner to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

This powerfully experiential and deeply transformative weekend will take place at the Denver Airport Marriott.  We’ll begin at 10 a.m. on Friday October 14th and complete by 5 p.m. on Sunday October 16th.

If you can’t join us live, the entire weekend will be recorded for you to download, learn from, and enjoy at home.


Bonus #2: Opening Your Heart to Love Audio Program

A 60-minute Experiential Guide to Loving and Being Loved.  Heal past heartaches and pain, so you can fully open your heart and soul to the love awaiting you now.


Bonus #3: Conscious Beginnings & Endings Toolkit 

The foundation for a long-lasting, consistently passionate relationship begins at the very start.   Use my Toolkit to eliminate misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, and struggle in a new relationship.  (And, if there’s any remaining hidden baggage from a past relationship, this will help you clear that too.)  Includes: Vision and Values Worksheets, Suggested Relationship Agreements, Conscious Endings Ritual Outline, and Conscious Beginnings Ritual Outline.


Bonus #4:  Conscious Dating & Relating ToolkitIntimate Couple

This comprehensive package gives you tip sheets, guidelines, tools, and conversation outlines you need to start and build a happily in love and hotly passionate relationship.


Bonus #5:  Masterful Dating Video Training

For the singles (and couples who want to remember all the good dating wisdom to spark passion over the long term!)… have you settled for so-so dates? Worse yet, have you forgotten how to date altogether? I’ll reveal everything you need to know about when to call, who pays, when to have sex, and how to make a conscious turn-down. Plus, you’ll find out why “rejection” is not your enemy in dating…it’s actually your best friend.


Bonus #6: Passion and Love Barriers Quiz

You’ll find out exactly where you fall on the “Passionate Lover Scale” by exploring how the 6 major barriers to love and passion have impacted your relationships—past and present.  You’ll find out if you fall in the Hot & Happy zone, the Friendly-And-Fizzled zone, or the Lonely-and-Longing-for-Love zone.

“I have a deep calling in my soul… to inspire passion, unity, and bliss in life and love… to be and awaken an expression of the fully embodied feminine in her beauty, her sensuality, her sexuality, her power and her grace… to inspire, honor, and celebrate the awakened masculine in his deep presence, his penetrative power, his intense sexuality, and deep consciousness…” ~ Joanna


“You, and the world, can’t afford to live a life without the kind of love – given and received – that your heart has longed for and knows is in there, just waiting to be set free again.  It  takes courage and desire.  We’re ALL capable. Don’t wait any more.”  ~ Geoff

I / We Want to Apply.

Watch:  Discover the Results Others Have Achieved

Meet several of the masterful men and extraordinary women who’ve taken my programs and discover how each of their lives have been uniquely and permanently changed… from the comment of a 9-year old to her dad saying, “it’s nice to see you smiling more,” …to knowing you don’t have to give up and lose yourself to be in a relationship…to awakening communication and passion in a marriage…to bringing feeling back to sexuality.  Life and love were transformed from the cells to the heart to the Spirit and beyond.

“I was not living authentically—I was so masculine.  This program not only helped me let go of judgments on femininity, but also helped me recognize and bring out my true nature.

I learned more about the importance of self-care so that I can give more to others and loved learning about transition rituals to move from one energy to another. I have noticed a difference when I am around men now that my feminine energy shines so much brighter. I feel more beautiful and powerful and have had people tell me they have noticed the change!



“It’s been a long road to reclaiming myself after a painful marriage and a painful divorce a decade ago.
Reclaiming my masculine was an important part of the puzzle that went  unaddressed for too long. It’s hard for a man to admit that he’s lost what it is to be a man.
Joanna’s brilliant program helped me in two keys areas.  Most importantly, I discovered that ‘I still got it.’  The things that make us men are never truly ‘gone’.  They only go missing when we neglect them.  
Secondly, she showed us how to cultivate these parts of ourselves and how to use our masculinity to make our women safe, heard, and satisfied.  I feel even more prepared to serve the world… to lead in the world.”


“During the program I discovered a new level of self-love that has been life changing.  I knew I needed help learning to ask for help and the program gave me tools and permission to do that.  Plus I get to make up my own rules with my sexuality

I began a new relationship towards the end of the program.  I used the tools from this program to attract him – someone whom I believe may be the love of my life!  Through the self-love I discovered during my 90-days, I also feel more confident to trust and continually grow as an individual and as a romantic partner.”

“I am now much more conscious of where things went wrong in my past relationships… where I’ve had challenges around intimacy.
Her programs and coaching helped me become more authentic and get in touch with my true masculine essence so that I show up more powerfully in the world and in my relationship.
The beauty of it all is the speed at which these shifts and changes can and do occur.  My only wish is that I would have come across Joanna and her program sooner and in my younger days.” ~Mark


“I’ve made plenty of attempts at personal growth …hoping to figure out what has made me unhappy …, why I choose the women that I do …. Can’t honestly say that I made much progress…
My one-on-one work with Joanna, which complements the group work, has been nothing short of extraordinary. My life is transforming in amazing ways…
I just read a book with this dedication quote: “To all those who have dared to look into their fears and find their hearts”. That pretty much sums up working with Joanna!
I recommend this to anyone who is ready for some serious getting in touch with the real and powerful guy who might be MIA.”


“Joanna made a compelling case about the value of tapping into feminine energy and magnetism for my personal life and business, and I am so glad I listened!
….I’m shaking off the body armor and feeling closer emotionally to the people around me; totally embracing the strength of feminine energy; and beginning to understand how magnetism works.  I loved that there were men present because I appreciated hearing their viewpoints and that everyone else REALLY showed up because that made the experience deep and authentic…
The most profound breakthrough for me was learning about the power of magnetism and redefining what being ambitious means.
Now I understand that by being truly grounded, loving and authentic and in-line with life’s purpose, that you get into a flow and exert a magnetic pull on the world around you. And this allows pretty big, ambitious things to happen! (Running around like a stressed-out nut not required.)”




Get to Know Joanna and Geoff

About Joanna


I am a Passion & Intimacy Expert  who helps singles and couples who’ve struggled with love and sex put the healthy, hot and happy back into dating and relating.  There are too many nice guys who “finish last” and too many successful women who can’t seem to find a great man.  I love to share exactly why that happens and how to reverse it!  And, most importantly, I’ll help you explore the critical differences between relationships that sizzle and those that fizzle!

I am an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, a Visionary Leadership Coach, a Certified Partner Yoga Instructor, and an Accredited Journey Practitioner.  I’m a graduate of Tony Robbins Leadership Academy and have deeply studied masculine-feminine and male-female dynamics as well as cellular and spiritual healing.  I have dedicated my life to helping men and women fall in love and stay in love.


About Geoff

GeoffFramedI am a Relationship Architect, the author of the internationally best-selling book, “Built to Last: Designing & Maintaining a Loving, Lasting and Passionate Relationship,” a speaker, workshop leader (of over 300 workshops), and relationship coach serving people across the world. For more than 20 years, I’ve been teaching couples & individuals how to design, build, and maintain the conscious and extraordinary relationship and life they truly desire.  I am also a highly regarded facilitator of men’s awakening work, which is also a huge passion of mine.

In a world where far too many people settle for what they believe is the best they can get, I am devoted to guiding and mentoring people in how to have love relationships that expand connection, healing, and harmonious connection with those dreams that people have simply neglected and/or forgotten. A huge part of this stems from how much I want people to have the opportunity to have the kind of relationship I’ve had with my wife, Sarah, for the last 34 years.

Is the Enlightened Love Academy Right for You?


This lasting-results-based program is for those who are ready to experience true love, to live in genuine partnership in life and love, to be intimate at levels where love really thrives, and to feel passion and ecstasy that only the best of partners get to share

It’s for those that want to know the prerequisites for as well as the destroyers of love…  who want the skills and wisdom of a tried and true system of hot, happy, and conscious relating… which well set you apart from the vast majority of people who are quietly mourning the lack of this kind of loving in their lives.

During the Enlightened Love Academy, our job is to teach you, coach you, and mentor you… as well as support you, cheer you on, and hold you to the highest standards… to be sure that you never lose yourself or sell yourself out for “love” and to be sure you never settle for less than you deserve…  and, your relationship success is ultimately up to YOU.  You see, we’ve put a tremendous amount of heart and thought into this program and we’ve custom-designed it for the man, woman, or couple who is finally ready to do the work it takes to be a great partner and create a lasting relationship – and if you’ve read this far into our letter, we believe that person is YOU!


Are you Ready?

You’re still reading, so you are ready, whether your conscious mind knows it or not at this point.

When you apply now, you (or you and your partner together) get to spend 30 minutes privately 1-on-1 with one of us, Geoff or Joanna, talking about your relationship mindset and your missing relationship success factors and how that’s been blocking the love life you really want.  Plus, you get to ask any questions you have about the Academy.  As we’re speaking, if we feel like you’re a great fit for the Academy, we’ll extend an invitation for you to join us.  Then you get to decide if it’s right for you.


How Can I Participate in the Academy?

To take the next step towards joining the Academy, you (or you and your partner together) will simply fill out an application by clicking any of the buttons on this page. After you submit your application, you’ll immediately have access to our calendars so that you can schedule an Chemistry & Connection Breakthrough Session with one of us.

What that really means is that when you apply and schedule an appointment with one of us right now, you (or you and your partner) and Geoff or I will have a simple conversation to EXPLORE whether or not this program is right for you.  And, it may or may not be… We’ll figure that out together when we talk.  We’ll explore your relationship, dating, relating and/or intimacy challenges – or in other words, we’ll talk about how much chemistry and connection you’re feeling right now vs. how much you want to feel.   We’ll talk about whether the Academy can help you move beyond those challenges and truly support you to create the enlightened love life you’ve always imagined.

So, you don’t even need to know for sure that you want to participate when you apply and talk to us. Our call is not an opportunity to have you experience “buying a car” all over again.  It’s simply and truly an opportunity for you to have a chance to feel into your appetite and readiness for this level of transformation in your love and sex life.   

So, there’s no risk in applying.  There’s only opportunity… The opportunity for love.

(COUPLES NOTE:  Please know that if you are in a relationship, it’s great if you can do the Academy together and it’s not uncommon for only one person to join.  So please apply in any way that works for you. So you may apply together or individually.)


What’s the investment in the Academy?


I, Joanna, struggled with love and sex…  and it was horrible… the tears and the heartbreak were beyond painful.

Many years ago, when I left my corporate career, I made a commitment that I never wanted another woman to go through what I went through, and I never wanted another man to go through what I put men through.  I want singles and couples to stop struggling with love… to stop being lonely and unhappy… to stop settling so an infrequent, so-so sex life.

I want YOU to have a romantic life with an amazing partner that puts a smile on your face everyday for the rest of your life.

And, I don’t want the issue of investment to hold you back from something 1000’s of times more valuable… or as one of my former grads said “the healing, hopeful, happier authentic man he’d become was priceless.”

Let me ask you…

  • What would it be worth to fall asleep happy and in-love night after night?
  • What would it be worth to get out of the never-ending-cycle of meet-date-love-struggle-breakup-repeat?
  • What would it be worth to put an end to heartache and disconnection in your relationship?
  • What would it be worth to have a sex life so hot AND so intimate that you can’t wait to be together again and again (even after years in a relationship)?
  • What would it be worth to know the prerequisites for love and how the Passionate Lover and Relationship System works so you can stop making heart-breaking mistakes and wasting precious time in something other than a deeply loving and committed relationship?

That’s what possible. Period.Happy Couple

So, I’m inviting you first to get clear on whether or not you feel a desire or calling to bring these powerful changes to your love life

… to get clear on whether you’re ready to step up and step into love — whether that means attracting and meeting your future partner or reconnecting and re-igniting the love with the partner you have…

… to say “Yes” to love once again.

You see, Geoff and I share a common mentor and she always reminds us, “The energy precedes the evidence” which means we have to get clear on what we want and then, and only then, will the means to make it so appear in our lives, whether that’s time, finances, or even energy.

So, we invite you to get energetically clear that this is something you desire…  The “how” always takes care of itself when we know what we value.

Too often we (Geoff and I included) say “no” to something we actually truly want, because we imagine we don’t have enough time, or enough energy, or enough money, or enough courage.  But, we always find the time, energy, money, and courage for the things we truly value.

So… If you’ve read this far… and something is pulling you, pushing you, nudging you, yelling at you, or scaring the hell out of you, then take a chance and apply.  And, truth be told, if a part of you wants to run the other way, that’s a sure sign that radical transformation is available to you, if you take a chance.

When you declare that you truly desire a great partnership and a lasting relationship, by submitting an application and scheduling a Connect & Chemistry Breakthrough Session, then we’ll be happy to share the investment in time, energy, finances, and even courage, it takes to turn your desire into a reality. 

There are no guarantees in love… but you’ll never know what’s actually possible until you take a chance on something new.

And, there are guarantees when it comes to programs like this…

“I Get to Try It”  No-Questions-Asked

Promise Guarantee

Because we’re so confident that the Enlightened Love Academy delivers both the experiences you (or you and your partner) need to create a radical shift in your love life and the wisdom you need to keep a relationship happy and hot…  and because people almost always have fears when starting something like this…Money Back Guarantee

We want to make it absolutely risk free for you.  Actually, you’ll see here that you have absolutely nothing to lose, and MUCH to gain.

When you register for the Academy, we let you “try-it-out,” so to speak, for a month, to ensure it exceeds your expectations.   That means you get to participate in the first two modules, the Q&A call, the online community, and use the workbook that’s mailed to you… EVERYTHING… and if for any reason it’s not the right fit for you, then contact us by October 5th, and we’ll refund your full investment with no questions asked…  Plus, you’ll keep your workbook and all the materials you’ve downloaded so far, plus all the bonuses as our gift to you.

Again, Here are Your Exact Next Steps Toward This Unique Program

  • Click on any of the Apply buttons on this page (or Click Here)
  • Fill out the application from your heart and your fears…
  • Click submit and you’ll be taken directly to a page where you can schedule a Connection & Chemistry Breakthrough Session with Geoff or Joanna.  Pick the most convenient time and date for you and our appointment will go automatically on to one of our calendars.
  • Join Geoff or I at your scheduled session time and bring all your hopes, dreams, fears, and challenges when it comes to love, sex, and romance to the conversation.  We will spend 30 minutes privately 1-on-1 talking about your relationship mindset and missing relationship success factors and how that’s been blocking the love and passion you really want.
  • Together, we’ll explore whether the Academy is the right “fit” for you and that you are the right fit for the Academy.
  • If we invite you to join us, then you can decide if you’d like to participate in this incredible community of singles, couples, men and women and radically transform your love life in the next 4 months. You’ll decide if the Academy makes sense and feels right to you.  No Pressure.  It may or may not.  You’ll know.   We promise.
  • If you choose to join us, we’ll cheer and celebrate the coming changes with you and you’ll start downloading your bonuses. If it’s not a fit, you’ve had the blessing of 30 minutes of our expert attention focused on your love life at no cost and we’ll send you huge love and blessings as you continue on your journey. All love is here no matter what.


Note to Couples:  You are welcome to sit together and fill out one application or you are welcome to both fill out individual applications with your own perspectives, whichever works best for the two of you.  Either way, we do ask that you schedule one Breakthrough session for the two of you together.  If you apply separately, please let us know that in the “Anything else you’d like us to know” field.

Imagine, what will it feel like when you have that madly-in-love partnership… when you fall asleep in your lovers arms… completely happy and satisfied…

We can’t wait to work personally with you in the Enlightened Love Academy.  So fill in your application and let’s take the next step on the path to love!

In love, light, and ecstasy,

Joanna & Geoff

P.S.  If you are still reading, then we know that you’re feeling a tug to apply for the Enlightened Love Academy.  You can’t get the reward without the risk… and all you have to do is JUST take ONE step.  To take that step, you’re only risking a few minutes to fill out the application and have 1-1 personal conversation to talk about what you truly desire in romantic relationship and what’s blocking that desire. Is it worth the risk?  How long are you willing to wait to have what you want?  The next step is to apply.

Frequent Fears & Questions

I’m not a group person… This is such a personal topic… Are there other options?

I hear this one A LOT. It’s a common fear. And, men and women alike are SHOCKED after the first module of not just how great the group was, but they LOVED it… that it actually had HUGE value. Plus that’s why I have the guarantee… so you can try it and see if you like it. Just to share what a past program participant had to say… “Without a doubt, I have changed. I have evolved. I have grown….Joanna created the space and the framework, but the group created the substance, the mirror, the feedback to feel what was authentic and what was facade.” The safe conscious community of the group gives you more value than the mind can imagine… until you’ve been there. It gives you something no coach alone could ever provide.

I’m single, is this program for me? Or, I’m in a relationship…is this Program for me?

Absolutely – it’s for both singles and couples. Whether dating or in a relationship for years, the challenges all have the same roots. Plus the mixture of men, women, singles and couples provides for a unique and powerful learning, sharing and support environment.

I’m in a relationship, what if my partner isn’t interested and doesn’t want to join?

Not to worry – the system, tools, and ways of being that you will learn will still contribute greatly to your relationship… It only takes one to start a change for both. Just so you know, there are usually several people in this situation in the Academy.

Will I have to work with other people? Will I have to share?

No… and… this program offers a safe environment for everyone to practice the very skills that make a relationship successful. You don’t have to step outside your comfort zone but we’ll encourage it, because you’re comfort zone isn’t where the change you want happens. You can choose to share with the group if you’d like, or simply listen. And, of course, you always get to choose your partner for any exercises.

I haven’t had a relationship in years – is it too late?

It’s never too late to love. You will learn to step into your authentic self so that you can most easily attract your ideal match, “your one”.

We haven’t made love in years. It feels like the passion has fizzled or the love has faded and it might be too late. Is it?

It’s never too late to take a stand for a relationship. You’ll discover where the disconnects and mistakes happened. You’ll see where the foundation is weak and where you got off course. Then you can take the steps to re-design, re-build, and then maintain a deeply loving relationship.

I’m scared to open my heart again.

We honor you and we’re very sensitive to the pain you may have from previous relationships or even hurts in your current relationship. Trust that there will be others who are also feeling that ache. We will be there to hold your hand… and your heart… so you can find yourself opening to trust and love again.

Will this work for me?

This is the kind of program where people say, “Wow, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” It opens their eyes to the power and possibility of love. It reignites hope. It heals the path. You will know how to stand powerfully and attractively as the REAL you… to take a stand for love in your life, and recreate love on your terms. And, you have my risk-free guarantee.

I have another question you didn’t cover, how do I get an answer?

Questions are normal, please send them to and we’ll get back to you right away!


Dates & TimesCalendar Pages and Clock

“Enlightened Lover” Trainings happen via Online Webinar every other Thursday beginning September 8th and ending December 15th.  7-8:30 pm MT / 9-10:30 ET

Monthly “Being Attractive, Powerful & Passionate”  Laser Coaching Calls happen via online webinar on every 4th Thursday evening from  7-8:30 MT / 9-10:30 ET September 15th, October 27th, November 10th, & December 8th.

Bonus Enlightened Lover Intensive Weekend Retreat happens in Denver at the Airport Marriott beginning at 10 am Friday October 14th and ending at 5 pm Sunday October 16th.