Online Class #2 Replay for Singles and Couples with Q&A

Connection & Sexual Chemistry



Joanna Kennedy



Geoff Laughton

Why Sex is Never the Problem & How to Have Deep Intimacy and Ecstatic Pleasure 

Training + 8 Secrets to Ecstasy Download + 30 Minute Q&A

with Joanna Kennedy & Geoff Laughton

August 28th

Until Midnight (MT)

August 28th

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During this eye-opening and live class, not only will you discover some critical truths about having a great sex life, you’ll also learn…


  3 “cosmic jokes” when it comes to sex and what to do about them. 


✔  Why you can’t “think about” or “figure out” how to make sex great, and the #1 thing that’s WAY more important than any sexual technique ever will be.  


✔  The biggest barriers to heart-felt intimacy and why removing them makes lovemaking twice the fun… at least! 


✔  The 5 biggest ways men sabotage great sex and the 5 biggest ways women undermine great sex. Yes, the lists are very different!


✔  Why singles mistakenly think they have to wait for a relationship to work on their sex life (and couldn’t be more wrong) & what couples wish they’d figured out sooner… and what to do about it! 


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